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“My ultimate aim in music is spiritual”

Get to know how Saketharaman is expressing his love and passion towards Carnatic music

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Official Website of Saketharaman


Saketharaman – a child prodigy in Carnatic music at the age of 6. Check out for more videos in this Saketharaman official website.

“A Glimpse Into The Musical Journey”

Check the glimpse of his musical journey in this Saketharaman official website.

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“Get to know what the world speaks about Saketharaman and his passion in Carnatic music.”

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@saketharaman_s Manasu swadhinamaina was top class sir. Neraval and swaras are feast to the ears. Devagandhari , mohanam were too good. Thanks for sharing this Sir

Reliving Margazhi 2019 !

Shri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha holds a special place in my heart. I have had the fortune of being accompanied by legendary vidwans such as Umayalpuram Sivaraman Sir, Karaikudi Mani Sir for…

Sit back, relax and enjoy !

#margazhi2019 #saketharaman #trichysankaran #ragamthanampallavi #carnaticlockdown [4/4]

Explosive Thani Avarthanam by the legend Trichy Sankaran Sir along with the talented Chandrasekara Sarma
Outstanding Shubhapantuvarali Thanam rendition by ace violinist HN Bhaskar
Look out for a GNB hit as well.

Well, let me not give away all the suspense ! [3/4]

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His ultimate aim in music is spiritual – Saketharaman


Bhava is very Important in Music – Saketharaman

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Music runs in my subconscious mind all the times


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