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Rasikas Anubhava

Review on Rama seva mandeli concert 2019 by rasika Padmanabhan Subramanium

SR is in my must list . The reasons are not far to seek.His roots are classicism, being from the bastion of the immortal Lalgudi. His voice has a robustness..

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Music Academy 2018

I attended Dr Saketha Raman,FRCM Rejuvenation Clinic yesterday. It was a 2.5 hour clinic. At age,73,
I went in feeling like 93,and came out feeling like 53..

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By CK Aprarna on Los Angeles concert

” For those who enjoyed Tendulkar’s batting, this is what I said after Saketharaman’s Los Angeles concert: “I expected a century and Tendulkar hit a double century today”!..

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By Meera Venkatram – Review of Odakathur Mutt concert, Bangalore

He started the concert with Sami daya juta varnam in kedaragowlai. The todi alabanai meant he was going to sing my song. He said he would. GNB had popularised it and I was never satisfied with anyone else sing it…

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