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Lalgudi Jayaraman

It has been 1826 days.

Not a day passes without thinking about Him,
listening to his music, talking about his music,
singing his compositions, getting inspired by him.

Yes, 5 years have passed by since Lalgudi Jayaraman Sir departed this world. But I strongly feel he blesses all of us every day, his music is just getting more and more followers and his devotees getting stauncher about his music.

He reproduced the Simhanandhana Pallavi impromptu that Shri Mudicondan rendered with a towel covering his hand, to conceal the Thala.

He inspired Shri Madurai Mani Iyer to follow his Niraval in Thaye Yashodha. A unique example of a vocalist becoming an accompanist to a violinist.

Shri GNB’s remark on Sir “You and Shri Palghat raghu are my two eyes”

Shri Alathur Brothers sportively singing Chatusra Tisram after Sir had come up with that idea before the concert

Shri semmangudi Mama asking him to tune the Thillana in Dhanasri of Shri Swathi Thirunal.

Shri Ramnad Krishnan commenting that he is Jalgudi Layaraman !

Truly unparalleled !

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